Tuesday, December 31, 2013

As I Say Goodbye...

This holiday season has snuck up on me like never before.  Today is already 12.31.13, the very last day of the year.

I am one of the folks that many love to dislike because I decorate my home for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving. Yep, the Christmas Carols are ringing way before December even begins.  Why not, I mean, for me it's been the happiest time of the year since I was a very little girl. The magic I experienced year in and year out is just inexplicable, there are no words for it, it's just something felt in the heart.

This year it was extra imperative my home be decked for the holidays as for the first time ever I was hosting my grandparents at my home for Thanksgiving.  One thing I can tell you about myself is my grand parents mean the world to me. When they sold the house I grew up in and decided to move to Florida my heart broke into a million pieces (it's one of the reasons I am able to love so much, my heart's everywhere now, every little piece of it) I couldn't believe it and had to go with them to help settle them into their new lives. Thanksgiving that year I took a day or two off and went to Florida to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.  My whole life I had only spent it with them and my extended family of course but my Grandmom was the person who orchestrated Thanksgiving (she was also in charge of hosting Christmas and New Year's celebrations), to this day her stuffing is the best I have ever tasted (I can't eat too much of it these days cause I've been developing a health conscious awareness and respect for my temple so I try to keep it simple, colorful and healthy when eating).

September 5, 2013 my Christmas began, Grandma and Grandpa, my Abuelitos, came home and I knew the day they arrived that I must really and truly focus on what I wanted to experience with them.  I knew the time would fly by and that I needed to be present to every moment. I knew they would be celebrating their last New York Christmas this year (My Abuelitos won't be doing anymore airplane travelling). It was very emotional for me, the time we spent together.  They are leaving tomorrow.  I was just standing in my living room looking at my tree, the stockings, and the remnants of gift wrapping around the living room, a ribbon here, a tissue paper there. I've already put away the Advent calendar (Thanks Amanda for re-introducing me to it, it's our most favorite tradition-mine and Max's) and my Hanukkiah.   My tree will go away on the 7th as we are waiting for the Three Kings to arrive. Every day I give the tree water and every day I say a prayer of gratitude for the gift of life and love.

As I say goodbye to 2013 I would like to acknowledge and celebrate the lives of 12 beautiful, well respected and greatly loved souls. Three of these folks I never had the opportunity to meet in person but have been able to experience the joy they brought into the world from their loved ones.  These folks have transitioned from the physical world but the impact they made and their spirits live on forever.  

My intentions for 2014 are based in Love, Light & Integrity. I will live the Sacred Pause, Stand In Gratitude, and always Focus on LOVE. BeLove.

The end of 2013 snuck up on me and here I am, I have to go and celebrate with and spend some quality time with my Amazing Abuelitos.

Love and Light to you and all of your loved ones.
Remember to breathe deep and love always!

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In possibility.
Julie Jewels

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