Monday, December 31, 2012

my wish

I'm so very grateful to you for coming to read my thoughts. I value your energy, your presence, your light and deeply appreciate you making the time to be here.
My world is full of possibilities, so is yours.
We are Uniquely Different and Impressively the Same.


Today is 12.31.12, the last day of the year, an auspicious time for manifesting. NOW is ALWAYS a great time to manifest.  As I bid farewell to a year that brought me so much growth. love and enlightenment I just want to say, NAMASTE!                                             

For those of you who truly don't know what Namaste means it's sanskrit and it simply states, The Divinity in Me Honors the Divinity in You.  My Soul Remembers the love and light within your Soul, we are the Same.

I send you you all Metta for NOW and for the coming year. May all your days be full of prosperity, joy and lots of love.

You know, the world truly needs LOVE. Love is all the world needs NOW. As we bid farewell to 2012 and welcome 2013 with open arms and the vision of possibility let's also focus our energy on Loving ourselves so we can better love the world.

To my partners in love and life I say, "CHEERS! God BLESS! and Thank you!

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Thank you for reading and sharing.


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