Friday, January 4, 2013


Love is...

I am 39 years old and my life has been full of relationships and so SO much love, consistently. (Gratefully).
For me, LOVE is the most important thing that exists in the universe.

Everything is Love!

Recently I messaged a woman I have never met in "real" life, I met her through a social network because she is now the significant other of an old friend of mine. She doesn't know me from a hole in the wall (what does that saying really and truly mean, it's a bit odd, I'd say, nevertheless...).  I messaged her because thanks to the social networks I've been able to see how she connected with my friend and currently they are the epitome of LOVE. All of their moments shared on this network are just polaroids of the joy and partnership they share.  I can feel that vibration and it makes me so very excited for them and for the universe.

I would love to share part of  what my dear, dear brother friend Victor shared during the culmination of 2012...
"This year we all were affected by some form of adversity: natural disasters, untimely deaths, separations, property loss, break ups, loss of jobs, worries of the financial cliff and even the end of the world.
This year was also filled with joyous moments, that sometimes seem to be forgotten... The child's firsts, loved ones healing, that A you got in class, your friends wedding, getting a job, saying "I love you" to someone, someone telling you they love you, the house you bought, the seat you got on the train, the thousands of people that volunteered to help the less fortunate, the millions raised to help the victims of disasters, waking up to live another day...

Tonight, I will not celebrate at 12:00 am and make a promise to change something from last year... I will celebrate each second forward that I am blessed to have the love of a woman that treats me like every man wants to be treated, that I have the most amazing parents which have molded me to be the man I am today, that I have friends that read each of my Facebook posts and I theirs , that family exists outside of blood and I have so much family around the world that care and will write or call... just because, I celebrate school and my ability to continue in my pursuit of higher education, my Godchildren and their amazing milestone... Each day growing physically, intellectually and spiritually, I celebrate my country and the opportunities afforded to me, my loving dog Dakota and her unconditional loyalty to me... Although lately she tends to like Jessica better... 

I will not make a resolution, I will continue to push forward with what I know I need to do. I will continue to learn, improve, and love."

See the essence of the message is LOVE. Everything is Love, Victor, Mike, Jessica and Maritza Found Love, I Celebrate Love.  Love is the space I choose to live in. Love is the air that I breathe.  Most often I think, live and breathe LOVE.  When I began this blog I was truly inspired by Victor and his Love Jessica as well as my old friend Mike and his lady Love, Maritza.  Cheers to Love! Cheers to you!

Let's all BeLove!

Love is all we need!
What the World Needs NOW Is LOVE SWEET LOVE!

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