Saturday, November 2, 2013

Choosing Love.

In life and in art I love to see when folks choose Love.
My motto is Live LOVE Laugh.  I believe Love is All. 
This wasn't always the case for me, thankfully I learned.

Last night, for the first time ever, I watched the movie, "My Girl 2."  In this movie the main character is on a quest to learn about her deceased mother's life. Her dad has remarried and his wife is expecting a baby.  I was moved by the love the step mom showed the girl.  The step mother saw a photo of the girl's deceased mom and authentically expressed how beautiful she found her to be.  (It reminds me of me, being able to always see beauty in most situations and human beings, MOST).
Dr. Wayne Dyer #ICDINY13

It was a great example of choosing LOVE.

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be a part of the I Can Do It New York weekend conference hosted by Hay House.  The event was held at the Javitz Center in NYC. IT was INSPIRED and INSPIRING #ICDINY13. I had learned one of the keynote speakers was to be the one and only Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Father of Motivation.  I randomly (in all reality, I don't believe anything is random, nothing is by accident) ran into him one night in the late '90's when I was home flipping through the channels.  Dr. Dyer was on PBS and was talking about, "Thinking from the End!" WOW. He blew my mind. I was so moved I called every single person listed in my phone book. I called and said something like, "Hey! You MUST put on channel 13 RIGHT NOW, there is a dude talking to us! He is telling us all we need to know to live our best lives, watch it now!!! Goodness, I wish I could record it..."

Dr. Wayne Dyer was my gateway to positive thinking, my window to self awareness and my introduction to the universe and my connection to it. Dr. Dyer wears a shirt at all of his conferences, the shirt reads LOVE. 
Love. Period. Just another sign that my initial thoughts and experience with him are no accident.

Always, in every way, I choose LOVE!

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In possibility.
Julie Jewels

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