Thursday, December 20, 2012

More talk...

I use to know someone who use to always say, "You talk more sh*t than a little bit..." I always found that saying hilariously funny and very rude.  (I'm about to get very Queens on you) See, the thing is that it's true.

So many of us do it, the talking smack thing, and aren't even conscious of it.   It doesn't matter where you are from, what you know, where you went to school, if you speak English or Spanish or Italian or French, it does not matter you have at one point or another engaged in mindless, and at times passionate, banter.

If I think about it more closely it goes against my favorite of The Four Agreements, Be Impeccable With Your Word.  The talking without being aware and conscious.  I think (this is my opinion, not a fact) us women do it much for often then men.

For much of my career I have worked with students in the NYC Department of Education and they are truly amazing folks.  I have learned so much from all the students I have had the privilege of working with at the same time so many of them use profanity without ever even thinking about it.  It happens, it happens all the time.  It really just is what it is.

My grandmother and I have the most random and silliest of conversations.  Most of the time they make me laugh more than anything but once in a while, I disagree with her so passionately that I let my righteousness get the best of me and I have to say, Goodnight or Good day but the point is I have to end the conversation. One constant in our conversations is the weather, that one is pretty light and breezy.  The heavy ones are around infidelity, immigration, domestic violence.  I call grandma almost every single day.  I call her, not cause I have to but because I love her, I love to speak to her and connect with her. I miss her. This year is the first time in my entire 39 years of existing in this life that I have not hugged her, not even once  (That makes me sad).  Abuelita is 81 years old, she has had a fascinating life. Every time I see her I try to interview her for posterity and she responds in her own coy fashion. Growing up Grandma Julia use to tell me  lots of jokes, spanish, inappropriate jokes, she would crack herself up, I didn't really know what they meant, I would just laugh cause her laughter is contagious. 

Me and Grandma, Grandma and me, WE, we talk more sh*t than a little bit and you know what, I am okay with that. 

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PS: Go Call Your Abuelita, Nonna, YaYa, GRAMMA, Nana, GRANDMother! If your Grandmom has passed away you can still talk to her, she lives in your heart...

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