Friday, December 21, 2012


I must confess, I Live for the connection, TRULY!

Human to human, connection.
People to people connection.

Use to be that I would spend hours on end on the phone with several of my friends. These days I can't even find my cell phone but that doesn't change my drive to connect.

The social networks starting with the old school American's on Line.
I use to travel the threads on My People, in Spanish.
Then I was involved in a space that I thought was mine, I had so many friends in there, it was wild.
I miss that Space. I was very hesitant to create that profile but my youngest brother and my aunt Kathy, may she continue to rest in peace, convinced me that cause they were in Florida it was the most effective way to connect.

Currently I am on the tweeting game, on the grams being sent instantly and on the most popular book with faces, yep, I have an account on each of these.  My internet profile is quite vast.  Nevertheless, the purpose, the sole purpose, is CONNECTION.

How do you connect?

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