Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Self Love

For over half of my life I have been involved with people whose company and conversation I enjoyed.  Relationships are a priority for me. Friendships, as well as, romances.

As a teen and pre-teen I had many crushes and a few boyfriends who I introduced to all my family as my special friends. My very first boyfriend was a very sweet young boy who made me realize I was just way too young to have boyfriend. The boyfriends that followed never really made me realize anything until my adult years.  Relationships to me are huge priority, not just romantic relationships, although I have spent more time than I care to admit pursuing relationships with boys who just taught me I need to have more common sense, more self respect and focus on self love.  The PERFECT person for me will come along as long as I knew how to love MYSELF.

My parents have been together my whole life, as well as my grandparents.  My dad was married to someone else before he met my mom and my grandmother was in relationship with someone else before she met my grandfather, but MY whole life they have been in the same relationship. I'd not been to privy to the workings of divorce on a personal level. I knew of several people who were divorced, I mean, my dad was divorced but it wasn't something I thought affected me first hand because he was not divorced from my mom.

I am going off on a bit of rant but stay with me here.
You know what, on second thought, I will come back to this brainstorm, it's just way too much for the last Thursday in 2012.

Namaste folks.

What are your thoughts on Relationships, intimate or otherwise.
Friendships; starting them, nurturing them, ending them...

Please share.

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Thank you for reading and sharing.



  1. It's interesting to me that you are having these thoughts as I have been on a similar train of thought: relationships and the complexities therein. Relationships are very important to me, I have had and maintain VERY few, all of which are an integral part of my life. That being said, I have learned as a result of my own divorce to apply the laws of impermanence to my relationships, and I find this has freed me from the disappointments and the perpetual drain of my own self-love reserve. It is a delicate balance, but one I have come to find bodes me quite well at this juncture of the journey. Namaste.

    1. Hi.
      Impermanence is quite constant, no?

      As for me, I maintain too many relationships and most of them have been an integral part of my life. It saddens me when it's not reciprocal, it drains me. It's taking me over 39 years to get it but slowly I am understanding and owning the notion of putting on my own oxygen mask first, it's not selfish, it's essential.

      Thank you so much for reading my post and for sharing, I truly appreciate it!