Monday, March 10, 2014


Last night I was having a very emotional dream, I was feeling quite verklempt. 
It was one of those that takes me through a variety of passages and where I encounter a diverse group of folks, some I know and some I don't.  Some of the people in my dream look like they are one person but in fact I know they are someone else.

I walked passed different rooms, different levels, so-to-speak. I saw many folks who I know and love and many of them were wonderful people I've worked with in my long career in the field of education.  At one point I got to a level were I ran into a loving, kind, and gentle spirit whom I had the honor of working with back in the mid '90's, at a school. She was such a huge light with a smile that could ignite the sky, I will call her Luz. Luz was standing in front of me with other people I didn't recognize, she was crying, I immediately hugged her.  I hugged Luz and told her it was all going to be okay.  I asked her what was wrong. I expressed my authentic joy in seeing her after all of these years. A recent former colleague, I will call her Dulce, showed up and explained that Luz was facilitating an "In Memoriam" workshop.  Dulce started to explain but as I slightly shifted my view I saw the face of a man who I know recently passed away, I don't recall what his face looked like or who he was but in my dream I knew he just died. A tear came to my eye. I looked passed the gentleman and I saw my Uncle Mario who passed away several years ago. I smiled as he nodded his head towards me. I looked around to the left of the two who were standing in little clusters and I noticed they was a large group of folks who had already transitioned, I couldn't make out any of the faces of the folks to the right but their attire and hue told me they had all already passed. I took a step back, away from Luz and Dulce and to the left of the group of souls with bodies and faces I saw my Abuelito.

I saw my dear, dear Grandpa holding a box of popcorn, he smirked at me and waved as if to tell me everything is fine.

In my dream Abuelito was holding popcorn. I have so many thoughts, theories, and general hypotheses about dreams.  One notion I play with is the universe is sending me messages and it's in cahoots with my subconscious and conscious mind.  When I remember my dreams I spend a few moments attempting to unravel their meaning.  My last
Jewels The Brainstorm blog post was an authentic brainstorm (I typed it as opposed to writing it), in it you will read "i'm percolating with thoughts. you can call me kettle corn cause i'm popping with ideas."  My Dear Abuelito passed away a little over a month ago and this is the very first time he has appeared in any of my dreams, that I can remember.  Grandpa has visited with other folks and I was in those dreams but he hadn't visited me in my dreams until last night.  

At breakfast I shared the story with my family and got a little emotional when I told them I saw our Abuelito.  As I started this post today I was struck by the thought, my Dear Abuelito is sending me a message about my ideas and thoughts. When he was alive and we would chat he always gave me his loving feedback, I'm so grateful for that and for this most recent encounter.

Love transcends all things.  Trust in the wonder and power of your dreams.

Thank you for reading and Sharing.

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Love exists and Life is a miracle, treat it all as such.
In possibility,
Julie Jewels

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