Saturday, November 19, 2011

A note to a lovely lady in my life...

February 2011

You know Oprah Winfrey's mom gave up one of her daughters for adoption and it got me 

thinking, well that and alot of other things, but anyway. A mom, is a mom is a mom and a mom 

will only do what she knows. A person can only be who they are. I felt bad for Patricia when her 

mom denied her but then I thought, wow, it must really take a lot, and I mean a whole heck of a lot 

to give up your child for adoption. Oprah's mom is who I'm referencing here. So anyway, it's the 

most amazing ride ever! I promise you that. Tonight I slowdanced with Max in the kitchen while I 

was cooking dinner cause a song came on about bringing her home and it was about a dad 

bringing his daughter home and right after the song "With arms wide open" by Creed played, 

that song always got to me when I was pregnant. I feel like you just are never really ready but like 

you said it's all worth it.  I feel so blessed that Max chose me to be his mom and everyday I thank 

the Lord. I'm sure Max had his reason for 

choosing me and his dad, I don't know if I will ever know the reasons I just know I need to be the 

best mother to him, I can be. Again, it's hard but so worth it and so rewarding.

Breastfeeding is the best thing to do and it isn't easy so if you could find a support group or take 

a class or two, that would be helpful. It's new to you and to the baby so you have to be patient. 

And if it's done right , it does NOT hurt. Trust me. Max is so strong and smart and healthy and I 

attribute lots of that to the nursing. I still nurse and intend to nurse until I can - 3 years is my target 

but if he wants to stop at two, I will be fine with that. 

See if there are some programs for latina moms who are going to school to help 

supplement your income. There has to be, this Obama administration is all about healthcare and 


I love you and want you to enjoy every moment. Breathe deep and stay present because what 

you are currently experiencing is an enormous miracle. 

You are beautiful and I love you.


We weren't talking about adoption at all, I was talking about motherhood.



  1. I can almost see you dancing with your son in your arms! You are truley blessed, not because you are a mother but because you see the blessing in being a mom.