Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Brainstorm When It equals Procrastination & Melancholy


Wow, I have laundry to take care of and must get to the supermarket TODAY!
Sitting at this table is not what I need to be doing. Ok. Let me make a list and move on. Beyonce had a baby girl yesterday.  They named her Blue Ivy and I don't know anyone who doesn't have an opinion about the name. Naming children is difficult, fun, interesting, a big responsibility and "oxymoronically" personal and so very public.  We all have opinions about most everything. I think the only person I know who doesn't have time to have an opinion is my man. He is so focused on creating that he just doesn't have an opinion. Well at least that's my opinion.  

I know so many ladies who are expecting babies right now. It truly is such a blessing. I have always been fascinated by the miracle of pregnancy.  I was fascinated years before I ever had the experience.  Having had the experience it was truly miraculous and surreal at times.  Think about it, there is an entire HUMAN BEING   growing, becoming whole right within our womb.  Wow. I have to take a moment to breathe.
Oh, wait...OMMMMM. OHM! OHM.


I miss my friend Sheri, she is such an awesome Yogi. So talented and skilled and so very beautiful. Oh, today is my friend Renee's birthday, wish we could all get together for some tea and talk. What a wonderful day that would be. Maybe, let me see if I can create the possibility.

I am taking a Math 04 class, I met my dear friend Kristin in a Math 04 class, decades ago. Wow. Time sure flies. Why look at that it's 10:30 am already. 

I'm not done meditating. I mean thinking.  Is thinking really the opposite of meditating, it might be. I'm not certain. Any thoughts.  Maxxi is quite quiet up there.  He loves to watch Nick Jr. Shows. Heck, I love to watch Nick Jr. shows. I can not believe The Fresh Beat Band tickets are sold out. I am truly bummed about that. They should totally have more than two shows in each city.  I even tried to get tickets in DC. I figured I would go see my Godmother and my dear friend Gerry; no dice. No tickets.

Ok time for my tea. It feels a bit chilly in here. The sun feels nice on my face, ahhhh.

I will be 39 years old in two months or so and my son will already be 3. Three is my most favorite number ever.  Max is three going on 10. Really and truly, I am so blessed to be that boys mother.

Where is my gratitude journal I need to write in it.  I have not written in my gratitude journal since Sunday. Sundays are great days in my home. I don't remember this Sunday but that's cause it's already Tuesday and I am focused on NOW. Ha! Yeah, sure.

Back to deep breathes, I have only 10 minutes left to meditate...


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