Friday, July 26, 2013

Free as a bird

Like my cousin Esther said the last time we lost a member of our loving family; My Family Tree Lost One of its Leaves today...

I will see you in the universe and in my dreams.

The last time I saw you cracking serious and silly jokes was in the ICU.

I won't remember you in pain I will only remember all the laughter and love you brought to every single one of us who love you.

I will always remember our conversations about God and the time when Princess Diana married Charles and you were trying to get us to, "GO TO SLEEP ALREADY!!!!"

You were so adamant about baptizing my son and even though it wasn't easy you made it to the church and even stayed for the celebration.

I'm sorry my son won't get to know you better and I'm sorry for the little ones and your sister who will miss you in the every day.

You live in our hearts, always!

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