Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Journal Entry

(Seems like I was "blogging" way before "blogging" was cool. I love that about me.)

Feb. 2, 1999

There was a sense of brotherhood, one I had never experienced on a NYC Subway.

"There is an ill person on this train, call 9-1-1!"
Wow, I couldn't help but smile.  How amazing it was to see. Non-apathetic New Yorkers.  Call me cynical, I didn't think it was possible.

There IS hope for human kind.

The lady who was sick was all alone and when she was escorted off the train at Lexington Station I overheard a congregation of onlookers commenting on her being pregnant. I wonder was she ill from the ride or was it morning sickness.  The ride in from Queens is rarely an exciting one.  "E train to World Trade center."

"Queens Plaza...23rd Ely..." ON the E train I can relax, maybe even fall asleep- hell I usually do, even when I am standing up.  I always wonder what would happen if I got sick on the train.  Would anyone even pay attention.

The other night for some obscure reason I missed my stop.  I got off the train trecked the stairs and on my way up- bam! I fell to the ground.  It didn't surprise me to see everyone's disinterest.  Not one person turned to see if I was okay.  This morning what I experienced was human relations at it's best. Yes, call me corney, it made me smile.  It gave me hope that sensitive caring individuals surround me.  Like Goffman said in his late writings, "human beings play roles."  The role we play depends on where we are and who we are with, nevertheless, we play-- Act I...

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