Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Art of Driving In New York F'n City

Yes! There is an implication of an expletive in the title.

I've been driving in NYC since I was about 18 years old.

As I've grown older I've come to realize that I can take a deep breathe and just let the other aggressive drive go.  I remember working at a high school in Jamaica, Queens and one of the shop teachers told me and a group of students that when he was on the verge of road rage he wouldn't call anybody names or use expletives, he would attempt to make himself laugh by calling the other momo driver a Dipsie Doodle or something along those lines.  The sillier the name the better as it would cause a laughter reaction.  Good advice I'd say.  I've learned to not get frustrated when the person in front of me has no idea what they are doing or going 40 in the left lane.  I no longer get pissed if the guy on the left is on a mission to get off at the next exit which is a micro-second away and he just cuts off three lanes of cars, mine being one of them.
Unfortunately, I've had a few misfortunes in terms of accidents and thankfully I've survived with minimal P.T.S.D., my aches are another story.  The one thing that I've not been able to let go of is the lack of courtesy. I often let folks get in in front of my car, it's quite alright but really what does a wave of the hand take?  It really upsets me when a car cuts in front of me and does not wave, "THANKS!"

The more I think about it the more I attribute it to my righteous perspective, the righteousness is something I have been working on but it doesn't stop me from calling the other driver a pet name for Richards. I do it all the time and these days my little boy asks, "Mom, what happened?" So I say, "That lady is a stick in the mud."  He doesn't get that but is privy to the fact that what I said was inappropriate.  Thank goodness experience has taught me to take it easy.  These days I want to create a website call it BadDriver.com where people can just log in the license plate number, type of car, time of day, location of the infraction and what it conjured up. I don't think I will do it but every time I write down a plate number I think, "Yes, I will put this driver on Blast!"  I'm certain this isn't the first time they do this.   I just ran a search for it and the domain name is up for sale, I think I will pass.

It's scary to think of all the things that happen while driving.  It's scary to think of all the possible misfortunes so for now I will focus on how grateful I am to see, to know how to drive and to be safe while I get from point a to point b.  Yes, there is an Art to driving in New York F'n City and then Goodness I am an Artist.

I am wondering if any of you have had any thoughts on gratitude and driving, courtesy and driving, overall NYC driving.  I'd love it if you shared your thoughts.

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Thanks for reading and sharing.


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