Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My top 15

15. Shibboleth
14. Similarly
13. LOVE
12. Broccoli 
11. Sanguineness
10. Dichotomy
 9.  Nevertheless
 8.  Merlot
 7. Juxtaposition
 6. MoMo
 5. Acrylic
 4. F*ck
 3. Harmoniously
 2. Facetious
 1. Serendipity

Here you have it, my friends, a list of my top 15 favorite words.  
I honestly can't say what about them makes them my all time favorites but it has something to do with the the way they sound, the way they feel coming out of my mouth and what they mean...

Do you have any favorites?
What are they?

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Thanks for reading and sharing.


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