Monday, December 10, 2012


Honestly, there has been something awesome, numerically, about 2012.
I have enjoyed writing down the the date so much, it causes me to giggle.

I am in no way a Numerologist or A Fan of Numbers (see When all else fails X equals 8) but 2012 is numerically magical (I know I shared with you that Max is Magical, cause he is but so is 2012).  Seriously, look at the numbers, they say something to me.  Look, 1.1.12, from the very first day I was captivated. 12.31.12, it seems like some sort of secret code. I feel like the Universe is telling me stuff.

Truth be told when I wrote the date my thought was to share about my day as I am sitting at my laptop when I should be cleaning up the extreme mess in my kitchen.  Today was an amazingly long day.  I'm so sleepy and  ready for bed but I can't go just yet. I have to finish this blog, prep my clothes for my early morning mission, prep snacks, organize my piles of  to do stuff, clean up the dinner/lunch/breakfast mess and do my evening meditation.

I turned 39 this past March and 3.30.12 just translated into Power.  39 has been pretty fierce and I attribute it to 2012.  Last month I was in a high school English class having a conversation with some boys about how they enjoyed school and what they were doing in class and one of the boys asked if I thought this month would be the end of the world.  I told him, quite sincerely that I hoped it was. I hope that it is the end of a callous, angry, violence, me, me, me world and the start of a New World where more folks share love, are considerate, and are community oriented, a We, We, We world.  I believe we are on our way to a fully conscious world. I feel it, innately, there are more folks who live by the LOVE creed than by any other creed. 2012 it gives me sanguineness...

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