Thursday, December 13, 2012

Red Tent, a third of Part III:

March - Women's History Month
I love that I was born in March. March is the start of Spring, we Spring Back and get an extra hour of sunshine, it's Women's History Month, it's the month my folks married.  March is wonderful.  This year we celebrated the 101's International Women's Day in March.  Thanks to my friend Moni for informing me of the number and thanks to my dear sister friend Tomika for inspiring me to think of all the amazingly phenomenal women who grace my life.
I have been quite fortunate to have a vast number of sister circles.  I call them sister friends.  I can sit in a car for hours listening to, laughing with or just talking to a sister friend.

  I always have the best time "prepping" to go out when all my friends are together. As a teenager and in my early twenties that's when I had the most fun.  Randomly we would get ready to go out but get so caught up in the laughter that we would just end up staying in.  Those were amazing moments, such great times.  

These days times with the ladies are rare and far between, I must figure out how to incorporate it more in my present day.  It's been tricky, I'm putting the intention out there...SISTER CIRCLE TIME!!!

What is your definition of sisterhood? What are your thoughts on friendships?
Do you have any traditions that you share with friends on days that the calendar deem special?

Have you created special days with your friends to commemorate something special?
How do you make friends?
How do you keep them?

What helps you choose someone to be a friend?

Sharing is caring.

Thanks for reading and sharing.


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