Friday, December 14, 2012

Service Call

Our cable has been horrible for the past year.
I've not switched back to Verizon because of the steep cancellation fee with my current provider.  My internet has been consistently shutting down even before the Storm Sandy.

We had someone come check it out today, a HURRICANE RELIEF WORKER from down south. He lives there with his girlfriend and her three boys.  The man was very professional and very kind.   He was imported by the company because they need the man power.

Bentley was barking and jumping all over him and he was very sweet with him. Max wasn't really around, he was looking for something so there was no interaction there but while he was checking the TV he saw the news about the CT shooting at the school, he became visibly sad about it. He was reminded of the most recent shooting at the movie theater.  Usually I meet strangers and have all sorts of conversations, yes I am THAT person. I love to speak to people, share stories, it moves me.  Today I was attempting to be succinct and deliberate I attempted to be quiet and just talk about the internet and tv but it was tricky.  I didn't get the gentleman's name but he is originally from Missouri.  He was in the army for many years and traveled a whole lot.

He is here in NY but his family is down south. He wanted to Marry is girlfriend on 12.12.12 but she's over there and he's over here, she can't just up and come up cause she has three boys in school ages 5, 8 and 11...They met in Alaska where he was last stationed when he was married and had a son.  He is a retired Army man and was at Dessert Storm, The Gulf War and a number of other situations abroad.  He seemed like a very kind man who had experienced lots and lots of sadness in WAR.

He broke his neck at one point in a motorcycle accident so had to switch jobs in the military.  He retired from the military in 1998 and has been working with the cable company ever since.

It was interesting to me because I wasn't trying to converse with him. I wasn't trying to learn his story when usually I am.  For some reason it's just odd when it's a stranger in my home.  When I got back to myself and what it is I feel my purpose is in this world I was able to see this human in my home and empathize with him and all his travels.

I think it was a kind and gentle reminder for me from the universe that everything is as it should be. I say this because as of late I have had this gnawing feeling that I must make an effort to rally the Government to provide thorough and effective therapeutic assistance to all the folks in the military.  It's uncanny how ill equipped US is in terms of addressing the mental anguish created by War.  The affects of all of it on young men and women who are over in other cultures in the front lines. Even military who is not literally on the front line. The manifestation that takes place in the brain once a human being is part of such an experience can't be easy in any way .  It must be challenging to just return  to the "normal" family life of before.

I asked him if he was ok and he said physically I'm fine, mentally it's a lot.  The thing that struck me is that everything is as it should be.  Whether he has received the coaching he needs or not he is living his life, working and he is a positively participant in the world.  I pray that everyone gets the help they need, all of us.  I feel blessed to have the counsel of an amazing, brilliant and diversified bunch of people.

What are your thoughts on Good Counsel, The Military, Conversations with Strangers, Verizon, getting married on 12.12.12? Let me know.

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