Thursday, November 29, 2012

72 Years, Not An Easy Feat

Today we celebrated our dad's 72nd Birthday.

I am 39 years old and don't know really see that much of a stretch.  As I get older the distance in age seems to get smaller.  I have been blessed to be in constant communication with my dad. I appreciate the moment's we have been able to share together and value the lessons he has taught me, be it by his actions or his words.
There are many thoughts and feelings that come to mind when I think of my dad, what he meant to me growing up and what he means to me now that I am a parent myself.  When I first got married my dad walked me down the aisle and said to my future ex husband, "I give you my treasure, I hope you know how to keep her."  Little did anyone know that my dad will hold my heart forever.
He has become one of my greatest treasures.  I am extremely fortunate to be able to have a select few treasures but my dad is my very first treasure.  It was love from the first moment we met in that warm spring day in March. 

I am my dad's middle child, fourth girl.  I have four sisters and two brothers and we could not be more diverse yet we each carry traits of my father.  My eldest sister is kind like my dad, the sister that follows is quiet like my dad, the next sister is a conversationalist like my dad (now you may wonder how someone can be quiet and a conversationalist all at the same time, it's truly just a paradox and two sides of the same coin).  My younger sister is a fashionista like my dad, my younger brother is a loving husband like my dad and my youngest brother is a family man, just like my dad. Me I think I just got my dad's Puerto Rican looks (and his coolness) accentuated by my mom's South American charm.  You know, it's not to say that these are the only character traits of my dad's that each child possess.  They are just, for me, the most prominent.

My dad is a Career NYC Cab Driver (see prior post).  My whole life he has been driving a Taxi cab and loving all his kids, my mom, his grandkids and even great grandkids.  My dad is a human being just like everyone else. He is perfection, just like you and me. Yep, each of us is PERFECTION, it's just the way it is.

Today, I just want to wish my dad love, serenity, joy, presence of mind, body and soul.  I want him to know that his life's purpose is continuously fulfilled.  I want him to own his wisdom and his power.  I want him to forgive himself for any thing he perceives to have been a mistake and I want him to be at peace with himself.

I want to honor you dad, for always doing your very best to be the best dad you know how to be.  Life has not been a walk in the park but with you as my father, my dad, it has truly been a fascinating, thought-provoking, joy filled, exploration filled adventure.

I love you, daddy and no matter what ever happens I will always be your little girl.
Thank you for the love you give to everyone, the kindness you extend into the world. The non-judging persona that you have always been.  Your ability to see each one of your children as an individual and the respect you have for each of us.

And Daddy thank you for making my baby boy believe that he truly is 'the biggest thing that hit the country,' cause every person in the world should wake up and feel that way.

I love you and Thank you.
Happy Birthday!
Feliz Cumpleano papi!

Siempre Mi Viejito Bello! <---Click on link to hear a beautiful song about Dads.


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