Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes I just can't leave well enough alone...

Sometimes I think somethings are just none of my business but more often than not I believe everything is my business, especially when you are someone who I love.

It's not easy being in relationship with folks, it's never easy but why would I want it to be EASY.
Easy doesn't make it better.

As you already know, I spend lots of time purging, I found the following message in my inbox and I wanted to share it with you all. 

This message was from me to someone who is truly an important person in my life. I don't know for sure if the message was received as I intended it.  My intention is to ALWAYS come from LOVE!

Check it out, share your thoughts, if you like. Keep in mind that this is a message for a loved one with honest and pure intent, not one ounce of judgement; What a powerful space to come from.

Thanks. :)


Oh. Wow. How does it feel to be alone this week?
This is a wonderful opportunity for you to be with yourself. 

DON'T Drink. DON'T numb what you feel. FEEL what you FEEL and heal yourself.

you know and I know that you have many things you have tried to ignore and suppress, it's why you drink so much.

Life is what you make of it.

You, like so many of us, have made so many choices that have affected you negatively and you have also made wonderful choices.

Perhaps you should see someone who you can talk to to sort out your feelings.

You didn't give yourself any time to mourn the loss.  Before that you never worked out all the mistakes you made as a young child and young person. Drinking has given you the opportunity to make bad choices without remorse.

You have hurt a few people by your actions but mostly you have been hurting yourself.

I love you and I forgive you for anything that you have ever done or thought that has affected me and my life. I have been working on healing myself for several years now and I feel so safe and strong.  I want everyone I love to feel the same way.

You know it's going to hurt more than it hurts now, but when you go through it you will get through it a better person. FOR YOURSELF! YOUR SELF!!!

A few years ago I participated in a personal development workshop called The Landmark Forum and it was transformational for  me. Check them out:

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