Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inspiration 9.9.12

9.9 Dr. Wayne Dywer's Perpetual Calendar states:

If you want to move from disenchantment to inspiration, 
or from apathy and indifference to passion and enthusiasm 
then it's necessary to 

Yesterday I stopped into a cool coffee house in Valley Stream, off of Merrick, on Rockaway Avenue. I saw the sign when it was, "Coming Soon- Spring 2011 (fingers crossed)," and knew I wanted to check it out. It's been there since about Spring of 2011 and yesterday was my first time. I like it. It's a nice place. If you are ever in Valley Stream make a point to step in there and have a cup of coffee and check out the decorations. It's a pretty big, it's got tons of space to chill out.

The quote on my perpetual calendar and the coffee house remind me that my passion is creating community. I have always wanted to open up a little business that caters to CONNECTIONS & RELATIONSHIPS.  What has stopped me has been my concept of ME. I'm blessed to have all these reminders and all the inspiration I need shows up when I am willing to PAY ATTENTION.

What are your dreams?

What do you want to create?

Sharin' is Carin'.

Let's collaborate and create possibilities!


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