Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I hate to tell you this...

I stepped away from my son for 38 minutes and when I returned this is what I heard,
"Mom, I hate to tell you this but I've been up to some things."
I say, "really."
"Yes mom, I was taking your yogurt spoon and placing it in your water, that's not good, right?"
My response is, "Max, if you know it's not good, why did you do it?"
"Cause I wanted to."
I take a deep breathe and say, "Ok, well, thank you for letting me know and please don't ever put anything in my water again."
"Ok, mom, I promise I won't."

"I hate to tell you this..." 

I don't know if I handled this situation effectively but I do know that I am grateful and proud of Max's forthcoming honesty.  I love that he feels safe enough to "do something" to my water and safe enough to tell me what he did.

I'm going to attempt to explain love vs. hate (do you know the opposite of Love is not hate, it's indifference) to him and the power of words, wish me luck.



  1. Beautiful pict! The relationship you and Max have is clearly trusting and loving and that's part of the reason he could do something like that and express himself with out worry but with love and trust. You're a very good mom!

    1. Jakes, you're so sweet. Thanks so much!