Sunday, February 26, 2012

To Compete or Not Compete, I choose the latter...

I have never been competitive or a perfectionist.  My drive and passion is quite strong.  I
always just want things to happen and I have amazing ideas! For about ten years I worked with the most phenomenal and competitive folks on the planet. I never once wondered why I was not interested in the competition. I feel things just need to get done.  Together we can do wonderful work. That's it, why compete?

I find myself wanting to create amazing things and networking to make this happen and once it gets off the ground I have to move to the next project.  I spent many years debating my intellect and my consistency because I consistently lack focus. I don't lack desire, intention or drive, it's just focus that escapes me.  

My most recent bout with lacking focus and beating myself up came with my desire to return to college. Other than being the best mother to my son Max and a better partner to my partner, there is nothing I want more than to just be my BEST SELF.  My best self includes getting a university education.

In the real world it's all a competition and in the real-real world it isn't.

What are your thoughts?
Are you competitive?
Should more people be competitive?
Would it be better to be less competitive?

I'm truly interested in your thoughts, let me know.



  1. Competitive eh? Interesting. I am driven, fiercely driven, I set high standards for myself, and I am on a perpetual quest for betterment, but I am only moderately competitive with regards to the outside world. In truth, I spend so much time in my head (heart and house are close seconds) that I don't know what the "race" is all about in the "real world". I will say experience being the b-word that it's been, the world outside is indeed competitive and covetous and if not careful you will get swept up by or under the current. I believe the challenge, the bar and the competition should begin and end at the heart's center...within.

  2. :) How I've missed you and your brilliance!