Sunday, June 16, 2013

6.16.13 El Dia De Los Padres

Happy Father's Day 2013.
I'd love to acknowledge my partner, my father, my grandfather, my brothers, my brother's in love, my cousins, my uncles, and my friends who are dad's.  These are a few of the men I know who embody Fatherhood as best they could.

Fathers can be a SUPER HERO of sorts.  Little Girls love their daddy's sometimes they want to marry them.  Little boys they love their daddy's and they sometimes want to become them!

Many times you hear folks say they have the BEST father, the GREATEST DAD EVER, The Father of the Year! All these things are true for the folks who feel it! It's such a blessing to have.  

You know being a parent you are always teaching your child lessons, whether you choose to be there physically (when you can) or not. When you promise a child something and don't follow through, that's a lesson. When you love unconditionally, that is is lesson.  If you as me to teach someone to love unconditionally is the greatest lesson of all.

I'm reminded of my thoughts on Father's Day Last Year, 2012. I stand firm on the belief that a Dad and someone who just genetically father's someone is not even remotely similar.  Father's are essential to the well-being of humanity.  Mother's teach your sons to be the best they can be and teach them love.

As I scroll through the newsfeed on my social networking site I am struck by love. I am looking at so many photos of my dear loved ones and their Dad's.  Some Dad's have passed on to the afterlife and are not physically here but the impact of their love and their spirit lives forever in the hearts and souls of their loved ones.

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's in the world and THANK YOU.  Thank you for all you do and for all your time and love.

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