Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coo Coo for Cookies!

On the way to the "supermarket," one day at the end of December 2012, Max gleefully screamed, "MOM! I WANT TO GO TO THE BAGEL SHOP!" STOP! STOP! PLEASE, let's go to the Bagel shop, Pretty PLEASE, with a cherry on top!"  I wanted a scooped whole wheat with tuna fish so I said, "Okay."   Max ordered a bialy and as we waited for our sandwiches to be prepared.  As I was perusing the snack shelf  I spotted a box of "Linden's Butter Crunch Cookies" and nostalgia took me back to my high school days (High School wasn't an extra special time, it just was a different time).  I added a pack to my order and moved into the eating area to enjoy our treats.  When I went to open the cookies I looked at the packaging and smiled. It was a coy smile, high school for me was from age 14 to age 18, I was an absolutely different person ( I would say, if I knew then what I know now...) four very interesting years. Most things that inspire a recollection of my younger days make me smile(more often than not), in a coy manner.  Thankfully, I read the expiration date, which was sometime in October, and I told the manager that it was expired and I guess it was in my best interest to not have any sweet snack.  The manager quickly responded, "How about a Black and White cookie? Those are extremely fresh, they just came in this morning."  

In 39 years I had NEVER had a Black and White cookie. Could you believe it?!? I thought about for a solid minute. I said, "Okay, it will be my first, it's almost a new year, why not try something new."  Believe me when I tell you I can't believe I've never had one! I absolutely loved the cookie.  Now, truth be told, I reveled in the chocolate portion and liked the white part but my son absolutely loves the white part, so together we can enjoy a complete Black and White cookie without letting any bit of it go to waste. 

Now I must tell you the truth (my truth, the Julie JeWeLs truth!) The thing about the Black and White Cookie, is it is NOT a cookie, it is a Flattened out CUPCAKE. Yes, that is EXACTLY what it is.  Could you argue against that?

I gave up Oreo cookies, left them in 2012, and thankfully I have been able to replace them with the Godsend, Black and White Cookie.

What's your favorite cookie?

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