Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's the most wonderful time of the year. One thing I love, all year 'round is getting the mail. I look forward to seeing what new agency is on a quest to get a donation from my household.  But more than that I look forward to a personal card or letter from a friend, a loved one.  I skim through all the statements, bills, circulars and when I do find a card or a letter it warms my heart.  This time of year is the time of year when lots of the correspondence we receive are "Season's Greetings" cards or Holiday Postcards from A: a creditor, B: a retailer C: a family member, or D: a friend .  I started receiving the holiday cards last month. First, I got a card from, Jimmy Carter's foundation attached to a request for a financial donation, the next holiday card was from Discover Credit Cards (I don't own a discover card), followed by a card from The Salvation Army also attached to a request for a financial donation (I've never donated to them, that I can remember), and even Hallmark send us a card. Thankfully, yesterday I received an awesomely beautiful and thoughtful card from my parents and today my son received a card from his grandparents (my parents) and from a dear sister friend's daughters.    Yay! :)

Traditionally the first two cards I get come from my mom and my sister friend Carla, it's just the way it's been for the past few years. When it comes to greeting cards in general or just sending a "thinking of you" note my dear sister friend Carla never fails.  We are completely alike in so many ways but the sending loving thoughts via the US Postal Service is definitely one of the top three commonalities we share.  Also when my aunt Kathy was alive she always sent me a Christmas card immediately after Thanksgiving, every year, without fail by December 1st I had already received Kathy's witty or just plain out hilarious Christmas Card.  Kathy also sent me my very first personalized card back in like 1993. 

One thing you may or may not already know about me is I get extreme joy out of finding the perfect greeting card, sitting down peacefully to write down the thoughts I want to share and sending them off with metta to the folks I love.  I've been writing letters and sending greeting cards ever since I can remember. My first pen pal was my cousin Karla.  I have a box full of everyday greetings and hand written letters from her.  I love getting stationary and having a nice medium point pen or a very sharpened pencil and creating letters and writing to the people I love.  I have family in South America and I taught myself how to read and write in Spanish so that I can stay in contact with them.  Mail has always been fascinating and fun to me.  It's such a kind and simple way to maintain contact and spread cheer.

This year take a walk to a store that sells stationary and pick up a box of 12 greeting cards, get your favorite beverage and snack, put on some nice music, and comfortable clothes and write a note of cheer to a someone you miss.  Write a note of love to someone you love.  Say Happy Holidays to your neighbor.  Write your authentic thoughts and feelings down and share, it just might be the best gift you can give them this year, a piece of your true self.

Thanks for reading and sharing.


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