Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A train ride of thoughts...

The planets in alignment
The planets moving.


Auspicious time for manifestation.

Manifestation: to create
               to plant
               to inspire

Auspicious:    Special


I don't know if or when it happens to others but every so often I'm overtaken or just STRUCK by a very vivid memory.

A random memory that had been stuck in the recesses of my consciousness.

I don't plan the moment of this memory's arrival, I don't even call it into existence with anything conscious, it just RANDOMLY appears.

There it is, the random memory...

Interesting: After writing about randomness I randomly ran into a friend of a friend whom I just recently met...

Truly, Julie Yours

I thought of us and I felt confident.
I see your face and I trust in the strength.
From the first moment I saw you I knew and you smiled cause you knew too.

I dream of us and wake to find it's real.

Thank you for helping me to grow and to really know what it is I truly feel.

When I wake up to your smiling face while holding our child I feel truly blessed and overcome with grace to know what's truly real.

A moment goes by in an instant, a moment of love so true, I don't even know if I will ever get over the fact that I truly, truly love you.


I look around
so many things
have changed.
The corner store is now a hospital
and my car sits right outside 
my window.
The blessings of life
are amazing.
~The Life You Create


SomeThing I use to say
at 16 I called everyone dude.
at 39 Dude is reserved for 
my sister &
my best friend.

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors...


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