Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Morning Brainstorm: 3-2-1 ACTION!

Have you ever had a Bento Box lunch?
Have you ever seen the show Herman's Head?
I'm giving you a polaroid of my brain and how it works, most of the time.
In my brain the thoughts are compartmentalized like a Bento Box and when I begin to share my thoughts it all turns into a party like the short lived 80's sitcom called, 'Herman's Head.'

I woke up this morning and thought to my self:
"It's Wednesday, gotta pick up Kayla, oh how, I love Wednesdays almost as much as I love Kayla. I crack myself up. Wait, what time is it? Should I even be up? Max is here and Jorge is here so it can't be past 7:30 or 8:00 am. This whole turn the clock back or turn the clock ahead just makes me nuts but days after it happens not on the day after it happens. Did I change the time in my car or on the microwave. I will call Mio today and talk about what I started yesterday when she was at the Hall of Science, wow, I've not been to the Hall of Science for over a year. I've got to get Max to Flushing Meadows park to take pictures by the unisphere. It was so cool to grow up in Corona, so close to the park, I don't think we took advantage of that as we should have. Corona, I don't like beer. Beer makes me sick. Come to think of it that ham and cheese sandwich I had made me a bit queasy. I love food but not when it sickens me! I do remember my mouth and belly were very satiated with that amazing appetizer at PO this weekend. Funny how we parked right outside the location where I told Yindy and Ryan that I was expecting, what a sweet dinner we had that day.  The GPS in the truck did not get us to PO it was absolutely the GPS on the iPhone.  Sometimes I wish I had an iPhone. I could use that locator app, the one the lady invented, the lady I met at the Senator Gillibrand Financial Empowerment summit for ladies, that was such an amazing event. It was inspiring. I need to confirm my mentor and write down who my character role models are and their characteristics/traits.  Latina Females, who do I know, who do I want to know? It was so cool to see Annie and her folks this weekend at that play. Immigration, what a traumatic thing. Thing, is it a thing? Can I call it an event..."

AAAAHHHH, Yawn Stretch! Up and out of bed and wow it's only 7:27 am, I have to brush, pee and get back to bed!


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