Monday, March 24, 2014

A Cat Will Never Bark

"Even when you’re dealing with a nasty, non-communicative person, stating your position may be a powerful step in your own development. It may not make the slightest impression on your unrelenting foes, but hearing the truth spoken in your own voice can clear your head and buoy your heart, at which point you’ll have won the battle."
~Martha Beck
 A Post by Martha Beck: The New You: Handling Change-Back Attacks

I only read the description above by Martha Beck and felt moved.  Some messages are so cathartic. It's fascinating to me how sometimes I ignore a specific feeling or thought. I mean, I can talk about the situation with my friends and such but I don't really acknowledge for myself, what is truly going on with my thoughts and emotions about the specific circumstances.

I went through a transition at one point in the last few years and it wasn't one I had thought about or overtly chosen or so I thought. I later realized I had manifested it through conversations, thoughts, and intentions. It was a blessing for most of the parties involved. One of the key players in this situation was a pretty non-communicative and not a very thoughtful person, I stated my position and my compassion and never received a response. Once I realized that I created the circumstance and that I was blessed with such an amazing gift it came to me that nothing is personal and a dog is a dog and a cat is a cat. I can't expect a cat to bark and a dog to meow, so why expect anyone to act out of character.  I will be forever grateful for the experience as it was what we all needed at the time.

Can you remember a time in your life where you saw something or someone for what it was and it brought you peace?

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Love exists and Life is a miracle, treat it all as such.
Love transcends all things.  
Trust in the wonder and power of your dreams.
In possibility,
Julie Jewels

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  1. My brother shared a Youtube link with me with a video of a cat barking. BWAHAHAHA.