Friday, November 4, 2011

In Search of The Red Tent...The INTRO...

Currently I am reading The Red Tent, A novel by Anita Diamant (In its 10th year and was voted one of The New York Times Bestsellers).  My therapist recommended it after hearing me say, "I'm looking for my Red Tent and right now it's in Arizona!"

I learned of the Red Tent during, "It's A Girl Thing," a Young Girls Summit created and facilitated by several strong and amazing women who work with The Leadership Program a few years ago.  

We facilitated the workshops in several different classrooms and the Library at Wadleigh Middle School in Harlem.  During one of the powerful workshops we were graced with the eloquence and brilliance of Miss Chelsea Gregory (  Chelsea recited a moving spoken word piece with such passion and in it she talked about and broke down, the Red Tent.  I don't think she was referencing the book, perhaps she was merely working from the plethora of knowledge she has, I can't tell you all I know is I was moved.  

A little about me, I am a 38 year old Latina, mother of a two year old boy born here in Queens, New York, partner to a Latino Born, American Raised Man.  I am the first born to my mother, an immigrant from Ecuador and fourth child to my father, an immigrant from Puerto Rico.  I was raised in a household with lots of extended family members and acquaintances passed off as family members.  I remember being inquisitive as a child and always wanting to be around the grown ladies,  listening to them talk. I was allowed most of the time because I was very quiet.  I listened and watched them laughing and crying but I really never understood. As I travel this journey of mine I am starting to truly understand the workings of the hypothalamus and the amygdala, as well as the subconscious.  

I had been searching to create my Red Tent and as it turns out I am connected to so many.

To be continued...

PLEASE SEE THIS LINK: This video is directed by a super LIGHT soul and such the path I have been searching to create:


  1. I LOVE The Red Tent. As soon as I finished the book I emailed Anita Diamant to sing her and her book's praises. SHE ANSWERED ME THE SAME NIGHT!!!
    We are now Facebook friends. :)

    1. I swore I responded to this. I'm so sorry Yeaux! Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for always inspiring such passion in me with all your thoughts, perspectives, knowledge and opinions.
      You are awesome. Love you!

  2. you all make mewant to read the red table.

    1. I have the book and can totally lend it to you if you like. It's a great one. Did you by any chance check out the Red Table Talks with Jada Pinkett-Smith and her mom and daughter. That's it, it's exactly what I search for monthly, weekly and even daily...REAL TALK, HONEST LOVE, TRUE COMMUNICATION it all just means LOVE and Respect and Growth.

      Hugs to you Benja. Thank you so much for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts.